IPFS, The [distributed] storage protocol

IPFS stands for Inter-Planetary File System, a peer-to-peer network on which you can upload files. They are no longer linked to a server but, distributed in a network powered by users. Since the file address is generated from its content, the files are tamper-proof and censorship-resistant.


Store any type of file using IPFS network

Whether you need to store your NFT’s information, images, videos, or any kind of file, our IPFS nodes make them available at any time for any usage. Imagine building a decentralized Wetransfer, reinventing services such as Google Drive with a distributed network of computers.


Use pre-built JSON templates for your NFTs

When creating NFT collections, information is required. We got you covered by providing most industry standards. Forget the risk of importing corrupted metadata files, we automatically check them before uploading to IPFS to ensure the best experience.

Dedicated nodes to ensure your data is always up↑

Files are distributed in the IPFS network and depend on the node availability to be consulted. At Starton we manage our own IPFS nodes and store your files to ensure that they are always available on the network.

Frequently asked questions

IPFS stands for InterPlanetary File System. It's a way to store and share files on a distributed network, meaning it's not controlled by one single person or organization. It allows for faster and more secure sharing of files. On IPFS, each node hosts a set of files and makes it available to anyone. Each file is referenced by a specific hash, called CID (Content IDentifier). To retrieve content, hosted by at least one active node in the network.
IPFS allows permanent and tamper-proof storage of digital assets. In traditional storage, they are stored on centralized servers, meaning that if the server goes down, assets can be lost. With IFPS, files are stored on a distributed network, enabling the creation of a permanent digital asset ownership. Assets are accessible on a URL generated from content, facilitating access and authenticity verifications, key to NFTs.
● Decentralized file sharing like We-transfer ● Decentralized IPFS websites & applications ● NFT (Non-Fungible Token) content storage

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