Relayer AKA Pre-chain transaction manager

Minting some fungible or non-fungible tokens manually is now effortless thanks to dedicated tools but scaling it can be a true nightmare due to blockchain’s protection mechanisms. Our relayer is here to maximize the number of transactions sent on-chain automatically and to inform you of the status of your transaction so that you can take decisions based on facts.

Automate the pre-chain life cycle

Before integration to the blockchain, a transaction goes through a validation process. With our API, the whole pre-chain validation is handled automatically and Starton ensures that each check is performed properly.

Apply your own gas price strategy

Your use cases are unique, only you know whether a transaction needs to be deployed on-chain quickly or can wait. Starton lets you set the strategy that fits best your project then handles the complexity of gas management. You can either set your strategy using presets based on the last block’s information or set your own custom strategy. Our relayer will help with stuck transactions and adjust the speed/cost ratio based on your configuration.

Follow your transaction at any time

Even if we handle automatically a lot of events for your transactions to be on-chain, sometimes problems happen. Get notifications when issues occur and have a better understanding thanks to extended logs before taking action.

Frequently asked questions

By using our relayer you ensure that the pre-chain management of your transactions is backed-up. From this statement, a lot of use cases are now possible. Here is a list of examples but keep in mind that the only limit is your imagination ● Airdrop engine ● Tokens that support your project ● Rewards for play-to-earn games ● Hybrid applications to make end-user onboarding easier

The relayer handles all the pre-chain management of your transaction. As it is a little bit complex, please find here an article explaining in detail how our relayer works.

Starton relayer facilitates the process of sending transactions on a blockchain by handling issues such as lost transactions, nonce issues, and gas price management. It also provides real-time updates on the status of transactions and helps users define and compose their transactions. This save you time and money when developing your blockchain application.

Play with it and contact us if you need to upgrade We can adjust your plan according to your needs