Monitor and {get notified} on blockchain events using Webhooks

Blockchain is by nature, public and searchable but while you can keep track of events occurring, it can be a hassle without proper tools. By using Starton’s monitoring tool, you can create watchers and track events on supported EVM Blockchain, from Smart Contracts to wallets.

Take the best decisions based on events

Configure your custom watcher to be notified of certain events such as successful transactions and ERC721 transfers. You can favor speed over security and get an instant notification or the opposite.

Connect your Webhooks to get on-chain events notifications

All events triggered by Starton are sent to webhooks, a development standard for sending notifications.

Monitor any smart contracts or wallets

Whether you want to monitor events on smart contracts or wallet, we got you covered. Event monitoring is a must-have when you need your app to react according to any blockchain transaction happening in real-time, triggered by your user or not.

Frequently asked questions

● Wallet tracking apps ● Get back-end notifications about user assets states ● Blockchain analytics tools ● Copy trading applications ● Marketing campaigns base on user activity
You can track the activity of a specific wallet or track any specific events on a smart contract using Starton’s monitoring system.
Monitor inspects every block on all supported blockchains to continuously check for activity. Watchers represent conditions that are checked upon inspection of the block. When the conditions of a watcher are met, the watcher triggers and send a notification to a webhook. This is the only way to keep up-to-date which blockchains and to take actions based on relevant insight.

Play with it and contact us if you need to upgrade We can adjust your plan according to your needs