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2 Wallets on your Key Management System (KMS)

1 Wallet on Starton KMS

5K Transactions /month with the Relayer

Unlimited transactions with a third-party wallet

1Go storage on IPFS

1Go /month IPFS transfer bandwidth

2 Watchers & 20K events /month

50K read queries /month

Community support


Looking for way more? Anticipating higher volumes? Our custom plans offer increased rate limits, advanced features, and support.

Tailored to your needs

To power your projects, tell us more about your company and we will build the solution to fit your needs. Everything in Developer, plus:

Higher volume

Custom rate limits

Advanced features

Premium Support


Unleash WEB3 with our Start-up program. Whether you’re early stage or scaling to meet demand, connect with us, and get free resources and best practices to help your start-up grow.

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