The WEB3 Framework

Starton provides the best developer experience with the most resilient and powerful development tools with a focus on performance. Our API enables teams to ship better WEB3 applications.

What can I do with Starton ?


Deploy your smart contracts from the dashboard and API

Choose from ready-to-go smart contracts directly in Starton Library or use any custom made smart-contracts.

Interact with smart contracts at scale

Starton allows you to interact with any smart contract functions at scale. A must-have if you need to build a SaaS, a WEB3 Video game, a blockchain bot, a WEB3 mobile app, NFT services, and so much more.

Monitor and get notifications on blockchain events using Webhooks

Get notified in real-time and trigger actions in your app when transactions succeed or fail, when your user deposits digital assets, in-game action, or when other on-chain activity occurred.

Upload files using distributed IPFS network

An easy way to store your NFT files, music, metadata, or even your website front-end. Starton IPFS can be used with a simple drag and drop or directly from the API.

Want to know more about all possibilities with Starton?

Natively cross chain







BNB Chain






Starton benefits?

Easy to use for → WEB developers ←

A REST API empowering you to make HTTP requests to build blockchain apps using your web coding skills.

Bring the best of ~WEB3~ with the user experience of ~WEB2~

One API to start building combined with a robust and up-to-date infrastructure.

A pre-chain transaction manager handling bløckchain issues for you

EVM low-level blockchain APIs are not ready to handle the high volume of transactions you need to manage in production. Starton Relayer is here to ensure that your transactions run smoothly.

Cut costs and build {faster}

No need for solidity developers, complex infrastructure, blockchain expert or time consuming research and development to start building.

\Community/ to help you on your projects

In this ecosystem, the community is essential to build the tools and features of tomorrow. Starton Discord & team are here to help you on your WEB3 journey.

Play with it and contact us if you need to upgrade We can adjust your plan according to your needs